VwMeter is a good and practical tool to watch the network traffic for 100% free.
    It can show you the total CPU usage, the CPU usage by IIS process, the total memory usage, the physical memory usage, the computer running time, the incoming network traffic and the outgoing network traffic.
    This is a 100% freeware.

If you are willing to translate the software in your local language, we are very grateful. After translating please send to reg@vidun.com.

  • Multi-language supporting
  • Multi-color skin supporting
  • Window translucency supporting
  • Show the total CPU usage
  • Show the CPU usage by IIS process
  • Show the total memory usage
  • Show the physical memory usage
  • Show the computer running time
  • Show the incoming network traffic
  • Show the outgoing network traffic
Operating system:
  • All Windows Platform

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